Safeco and Titan Insurance now offered at Wayne Matthews & Associates !!!!

We are pleased to offer coverage from two great companies now at Wayne Matthews & Associates !!! Safeco insurance is a Liberty Mutual company and they offer many benefits to thier customers such as new car replacement, multi policy discounts and more ! Titan insurance (Victoria Insurance) is a Nationwide company and they have LOW downpayments available and can offer coverage for every situtation you can think of ! Please call our office or click on the “Request a Quote” tab to compare your current rates and coverages !!!

Wayne Matthews chosen as PRESIDENT of Las Vegas F.O.E. Aerie #1213

On November 10th 2012, Wayne Matthews was chosen as the new President of Las Vegas Aerie #1213 F.O.E.

I have been a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles since I was in my mid-twenties and it is an honor to be chosen as the new President. My fellow Eagles and I are looking forward to becoming even MORE involved with our community and we are looking forward to donating even MORE to our local and national charities. The F.O.E. Aerie #1213 is a GREAT place to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and, if you are looking to contribute to charity, there is no greater place to start than our local Aerie located across from Cashman Field on the corner of Washington and Bruce.

I invite everyone to stop by and visit us after the first of the year and bookmark our page or you can check for updates here on our webpage for all those who are interested.

Thank You to those whose chose me as your new President ! for all those who have never heard of us, I clipped a bit of info from please take a few moments to read up on us and again, stop by and GET INVOLVED !!!!

-Wayne Matthews II
President- F.O.E. Aerie #1213
President- Wayne Matthews & Associates

For more than a century, the Fraternal Order of Eagles has had a major positive influence on our region, nation, world… And most importantly on our communities.

It was the Eagles who pushed for the founding of Mother’s Day, who provided the impetus for Social Security and, who pushed to end job discrimination based on age. The Eagles have provided support for medical centers across the country to build and provide research for medical conditions — we raise millions of dollars every year to combat heart disease and cancer, help handicapped kids, uplift the aged and make life a little brighter for everyone.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles uphold and nourish the values of home, family and community that are so necessary and it seems so often get ignored and trampled in today’s society.

The Eagles are hometown builders. We support our police, firefighters, and others who protect and serve. We fund medical research in areas such as spinal cord injuries, kidney disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. We help raise money for our communities…we are the Eagles and we are “People Helping People.”

taken from November 12, 2012

The Hartford has authorized Wayne Matthews and Associates to offer their AARP Home and Auto Advantage program !!!

Wayne Matthews and Associates has been authorized by The Hartford to offer the AARP auto and home advantage program to our customers. We are very excited to be able to service our clients who are aged 50+ a great new package that includes benefits that does not come standard with most polices. Please take a moment to complete a quote request if you are interested in learning more and one of our licensed insurance professionals will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a complete insurance review!

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Liability:If someone is accidentally injured or has property that is damaged while on your premises, Your home insurance will defend any claims against you and pay those claims up to the limits selected at the time when you start your home insurance policy. Your home policy will also cover necessary and reasonable medical expenses up to the policy limits, regardless of who is at fault.
Your Home:If you are buying or own a home, your homeowners policy will also cover the home and any other structures on your property from a loss including but not limited to: Theft or Vandalism, Fire, Lightning, Wind, hail, snow, Ice, and falling objects. These coverage’s vary depending on whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhome or house.
Personal Property:If your personal property including furniture, appliances and even your clothing are damaged or or lost as the result of a covered loss, Your Home policy will pay to have them repaired or replaced subject to your policy limits. (special terms and conditions may apply) You can also purchase additional coverage for valuables such as jewelry, computer equipment, collectibles as well as, music, art and camera equipment that have a high value.
Additional Living Expenses: If you become displaced due to a covered loss, your home policy will cover the additional expenses you may incur, up to the limits stated in your home policy so that you can maintain your current standard of living.

You can also click on the link to the right ” Home Insurance 101 ” for a brief video presentation on Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Liability:If you damage someone’s property or hurt someone in an accident, Your Auto Insurance will pay for covered damages to their property and pay for their injuries as well as defend you if someone sues you as a result of an accident.
Medical Payments:Your Auto Insurance will pay for covered expenses up to the limits of your policy for anyone injured while in your car, regardless of who is at fault.
Collision:When collision coverage is added to your policy, your car is covered if it becomes damaged if it hits another car or any other object. This optional coverage is subject to a deductible that is usually selected when you start your policy.
Comprehensive:When comprehensive coverage is added to your policy, your car is covered if it is stolen or otherwise damaged by something other than a collision such as fire, hail, falling objects and vandalism. This optional coverage is also subject to a deductible that is usually selected when you start your policy.There are other coverage’s available such as Windshield repair/replacement, Towing and Roadside assistance, additional equipment coverage’s (for aftermarket products installed in your vehicle like stereo equipment and custom wheels) and rental car coverage. These coverage’s vary with each company and are not always automatically added. You should discuss these coverage’s with one of our representatives if you have any questions.

You can also click on the link to the right ” Auto Insurance 101 “

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